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Kim-brand-ly Grey
(aka, my personal bit of branding)

A lot of famous individuals are well known for always wearing the same clothes. Usually they credit this to reducing “decision fatigue” – not having to choose how to dress every day leaves time to mull over the more important decisions.

I don’t wear exactly the same clothes every day, but when it comes to building random pages and side projects, I usually spend more time thinking about how it looks than how it works. Consequentially, since late-2021, I’ve tried to cut down on decision fatigue by making my personal projects follow the same set of basic design rules.


Generally the italic forms are not used (Grotesk doesn’t even have one). The bold weight is also used fairly sparingly.

Space Mono is used for headings and as a stylistic alternative for small amounts of text. It’s best used with ligatures disabled: font-feature-settings: "liga" 0;

Space Grotesk is used for other text.


Six colours. Shades and tints allowed but not provided.

kimberly #786999
grey #4b5475
black #1c1924
emy #b9e587
neon #ff0090
white #ffffff

Colour combinations

There are no hard and fast rules around how colours are used together, but these combinations tend to work well together (and are accessible!).

black and white

kimberly and white

grey and white

white and black

neon and black

emy and black

This isn’t used a whole lot, but in places where a logo or icon is needed—and the space is either too small or a dabbing robot bat would be inappropriate—there’s an icon.

This is a very recent addition, so will probably be tweaked and refined a bit before it settles down.

Robot bat icon